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After-Sale Service

Service Commitment:

1. The company strictly abides by and implements the relevant national laws and regulations, and promises to use the specified indicators as the most basic requirements to provide users with services equal to or higher than their standards.

2. In accordance with the “Three Guarantees” regulations of the State, the company handles the procedures for decommissioning, changing and repairing due to poor performance of the company's products.

3. All equipment is guaranteed for one year and is maintained for life.

Service Guarantee:

1. The customer service center conducts telephone consultation, warranty and complaint reception for the end user from 8:30 to 18:00 every day.

2. All products returned to the factory are guaranteed to be repaired within three days after returning to the factory. The quality inspector will then inspect the product and pass the test.

3. The company's technical service center and national special maintenance points provide users with product maintenance and consulting services to ensure users use.

4. All the special repair shops in the country have the company's common spare parts warehouse, providing a strong guarantee for the timely supply of zero parts.

Note: The company does not provide free warranty service when the following conditions occur.

1. Exceeding the company's free warranty period

2. Product warranty card cannot be provided

3. Warranty card and purchase invoice altered

4. Counterfeiting or falsifying our products

5. The indoor and outdoor bar code numbers on the warranty card are inconsistent with the product barcodes to be repaired.

6. Damage caused by installation, transfer and maintenance of our company's special outlets.

7. Failure due to improper power supply, lightning strikes, natural disasters, or improper use or maintenance.

8. Cannot provide purchase invoice or valid purchase certificate.

Repairs beyond the free warranty

1. Repairs beyond the scope of the free warranty are subject to repair costs.

2. The fee that exceeds the free warranty is charged to the user according to the local price bureau regulations and the repair shop level standard.

3. The cost item consists of door-to-door fee, maintenance fee, remote fee, auxiliary material fee and spare parts fee.