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All Somose equipment can be customized according to customer requirements, customers need to provide nails and samples, free samples. Before the machine is shipped, the test machine video will be confirmed with the customer. If the effect is satisfactory, the delivery will be arranged. When the machine is powered on, it will be used without commissioning.

Machine standard accessories

Two sets of molds, one set of adjustment tools (8 pieces), one oil cup.

All Somose machines are made according to nails (deductions). The unloading accessories are fixed and not adjustable. One machine can only be used with one type and one specification (pin). The face diameter (left A) and length (left C) of the rivets and corn nails do not affect the blanking within the scope of use of the model. If you change the nail (deduction), you need to replace the entire set of blanking accessories, including the mold. Please contact customer service staff for details.