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Wire Nail Polishing Machine

Nail Manufacturing Auxiliary Equipment

Wire Nail Polishing Machine

Introduction of Wire Nail Polishing Machine

Nail polishing machine is also known as nail polishing machine and new steel nail washing machine. Nail washer removes burrs and polishes the nails processed by the nail machine through high-speed rotating friction. It is used for rust removal and polishing of semi-finished round nails just produced. Nail washer is an indispensable equipment for nail making industry.

Characteristics of Nail Polishing Machine

The polishing time is two hours, the first polishing with sawdust, two hours or so to grab the sample pin to see if it is bright, if not, continue polishing, if it is bright, then continue to turn a few minutes to finish polishing.

Motor power3kw7.5kw11kw
Machine Size(L*W*H)1640*900*1000mm2000*1500*1400mm2500*1500*1600mm

ZM6-6 Nail Cutter Grinder For Nail Mould

Because after 1-2 days cutting,the nail knife installed on the wire nail making machines will become blunt,then you can use the nail knife grinder to grind the nail knife to make it sharp again.

Product nameZM6-6 Nail cutter grinder for nail mould
Diameter of grinding wheel200mm
Motor power0.75kw
Machine Size800*1000*500(mm)
Machine Weight120kg